I grew up in a family of artists, but for many years wasn't very excited about art. I was the sullen child being dragged through the Louvre, the MOMA or any of many dozens of galleries and museums around the world. I was the kid dragging his feet, demanding lunch and wondering aloud when the endless miles of hard museum tiles would end. In my own defense, these were not the perfunctory one tourist walk-throughs, but rather many hour sieges. Thats what comes of being the child of passionate artists, I suppose.

Much later, I began to understand that all of those visits had crept into my brain, and I began to genuinely enjoy my trips to Museums and Galleries. More insidious still, I began to take my own pictures, and have continued on and off, through various formats and more than fifteen years. I hope that all of those childhood days were not wasted, and some of my exposure and appreciation of fine art painting makes it into these photographs.

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